The witch is dead, and I'm alive.

Just a quickish update. Starting a new job May 29th (WAHOO!), heading to Austin in June, Miami in November, E3 in two weeks, first article in print was published this month (Yay!), 30 scripts to read (BOO!), 8 videos to edit (double boo), it's dark...and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it.

In other news, former #Texans roxxen and jestertoo came to visit sunny Southern California recently, and we all went out drinking. Although not nearly enough. Jess kept his pants on, the always accurate level of his sobriety.

Also, to supplement my income, I have become an intergalactic adventurer.


Sundance 2006

I survived Sundance 2006, even though we decided to DRIVE this year. Most of my updates will be over at, but come on, does it get much better than this?



Being a UT fan in the hear of Southern California has been hard these past few days. I wore my Longhorn hat all day, and got ten kinds of crap for it. The lady at the Post Office said "We don't serve Longhorns!" HAW HAW HAW. Man, she's hilarious. And at the grocery store, the checkout lady said "I don't know if your money is good here..." Great, you mean my groceries are free?

Anyhow, victory is sweet indeed. SWEET LIKE CANDY!

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