I'm in Egypt!

Got called away at the last second to Cairo, Egypt to cover a concert. Follow along via Flickr:

Tattoo Upgrade

Work sent me to cover BlizzCon over the weekend, and it was pretty much exactly what you'd expect. You can check out my coverage here.

They had a tattoo artist working, so I decided to upgrade my existing tattoo. It's hella tough.


Kevin on TV! And what else I've been up to.

Because I'm a writer over at TV Squad and Cinematical (as well as Joystiq, gotta pimp 'em all out), I've been asked to be on G4 TV's "Attack of the Show!" a few times. Yesterday I was on talking about how Lost has lost its luster. At least for me. Here's the video. Enjoy, and agree or disagree, it's all good. Click the image below to watch.